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Rules to T-Virus Gaming Servers

Posted by [RCPD] Sgt.Smaff

The Current rules for the server are as follows:

No Hacking or using scripts
No duping of gear or backpacks
No Player vs. Player at the ANY of the trading posts
No base raping
No destroying locked vehicles
No swearing on side chat - Players will be warned about this and then kicked
No racial terms on Side Chat - Racial terms will be an INSTANT 24 HOUR BAN
No voice on Side Chat - TEXT ONLY

Current Servers

  • Arma 3: Exile
  • Coming Soon
  • Arma 3: Custom Missions
  • Coming Soon
  • DayZ Epoch: Chernarus
  • Coming Soon

  • TeamSpeak Server
  • Coming Soon


  • Desired Media
  • Subleme
  • ClanTemplates
  • uvSHOCK