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Introduction to T-Virus Gaming Servers

Posted by [RCPD] Sgt.Smaff

Welcome to T-Virus Gaming Servers

Over the pass years we have developed and provided gamers with a Hardcore gaming experience

I am pleased to announce that we will be bringing back T-Virus servers shortly for the following games:-

Arma 3: Exile

Arma 3: Custom Missions

Arma 2: DayZ Epoch

Ark: Survival Unknown

New Website

Posted by [RCPD] Sgt.Smaff

Website has been updated to include a new style and better navigation

Current Servers

  • Arma 3: Exile
  • Coming Soon
  • Arma 3: Custom Missions
  • Coming Soon
  • DayZ Epoch: Chernarus
  • Coming Soon

  • TeamSpeak Server
  • Coming Soon


  • Desired Media
  • Subleme
  • ClanTemplates
  • uvSHOCK